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Authenticity made beautifully.


I met Patricia on a calligraphy class I was encouraged to take, she was there also trying to improve her skills, although they had no real correlation to what she was really about: cinematography, we clicked instantly and we followed each other on Instagram and became online buddies; quickly she became a very engaging person with me, so I  grew accustomed to seeing her pop up on my feed and my notifications.  A couple of months after we met she reached out to me and told me about a very personal project of hers: her brand. I was humbled when she said she loved my work, and that after getting burned with another designer, she instantly thought of me for this project. 

We had our meeting on a little coffee shop near my place and we talked for hours, literally; we shared war stories of working in corporations and ad agencies, hers in filmmaking and mine in design. She explained very clearly what she envisioned for her company and answered all of my questions promptly, and during the meeting we agreed on her company's name: Leonie, after her grandmother.  



I got to work right away and started sketching. My process starts on a mini notebook where I just put all the possible ideas I can come up with, and then select and recreate the ones I feel fit the most with the personality of the project. Once I have two or more options that I'm confident would work I draw them again but on a bigger scale, I refine curves, spaces and set everything on neater composition.

Patricia and I set up a Skype call to show her the process and sketches so she could understand better the reasoning behind each of them. I also presented her the illustrations I wanted to incorporate, as part of the creation of a well rounded brand. She loved one of the sketches and all the illustrations ; so after doing just one small modification to the sketch, I took it to Illustrator. 

The final result was marvelous, and I'm not saying this only because I created it; most importantly, Paty loved it, she was thrilled with the branding kit and the branding combinations. Patricia is a great client and an amazingly talented film producer, and I enjoyed every second working with her. Thank you Paty! 

chuckchai_lettering_cancun_hotelito 2.png


A coworker at my day job talked to me about her side project, which just like me, was investing all of her free time into. She wanted to launch it properly and told me needed a professional look and feel, so she reached out to me to design her logo; I gleefully accepted but told her that I could do her one better, we could work toegether in developing a more in-depth branding project for the company, to which she gladly agreed. 

Her company is called Hotelito Things, and its goal is to provide high quality decorative products and objects to hotels for their in-house events and gatherings. This project was very fulfilling for me because she pretty much gave me total freedom, she had complete trust in me and my work so she asked me to come up with the main idea and essence of the company. She gave me access to her inventory, so I came up with this idea of merging classic, elegant design with the colloquial and picturesque style of Mexican decorations; I developed a moodboard in order to present her my ideas, and she loved all of them so I got to work.



I developed several sketches, I wasn't planning on going this elaborate with the proposals, or to even create so many, but this project was so much fun to do that I just couldn't help myself. 

I had this initial idea of incorporating script with these sore of drops that would look like leaves, and also use dark strokes and colorful fills to make it pop more, but this latter eventually looked dated so decided to drop it from the final showcasing. 

Finally I created an illustration to bring all of the colors and branding together, a sore of pattern with leaves and a lot of curves and themes of nature and life, which to me is quintessential to the Mexican culture.