I met Patricia on a calligraphy class. A few months after she reached out to me and told me about a very personal project of hers: her brand. I was humbled when she said she loved my work, and that after getting burned with another designer, she instantly thought of me for this project. We met for a coffee and we talked for hours, literally, sharing war stories of working in corporations and ad agencies, she doing film and I design. She explained very clearly what she envisioned for her company and answered all of my questions promptly.

I got to work right away and started sketching. My process starts on a mini notebook where I just put all the possible ideas I can come up with, and then select and recreate the ones I feel fit the most with the personality of the project. Once I have two or more options that I'm confident would work I draw them again but on a bigger scale, I refine curves, spaces and set everything on neater composition. Patricia and I set up a Skype call to show her the process and sketches so she could understand better the reasoning behind each of them. I also presented her the illustrations I wanted to incorporate, as part of the creation of a well rounded brand. The final result looked fantastic to me, but most importantly, Paty loved it, she was thrilled with the branding kit and the branding combinations.

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