Ugly makes better.

Do you remember that time when you used to draw, paint and color outside of the lines and people would tell you it was beautiful? Of course you do, you too were a kid once.

Just like Chef Gusteau's famous motto "everyone can cook", I also believe everyone can become an artist. Back in the day when I was a little kid, maybe five or six, I would draw every day, I'd spend hours on coloring books or playing with plastiline, which to this day is one of my favorite things. Back then I was an artist without realizing it, and I'd proudly present my works of art to my family, who would praise me and tell me how amazing they were... This was back in the day.

I know children's drawings are not works of arts, but that's the point. When I was a kid I didn't know what I was doing was anything other than just having fun; in my mind I was just enjoying the moment, and portraying my ideas onto paper. The big problem was that I grew up.

As I kept drawing more and more, it became clear that this was something I was good at, so logically I started to feel pressure to get better at it, not by anyone saying it literally, but as an intrisecal need, this need for kids to want to please their parents. As I grew, also did this need, and as these stories always go and people always say: life got in the way. Puberty showed up, school activities became more time consuming, and admittedly, TV became a priority for me, so of course, I stopped drawing. As time continued to pass, my abilities decreased and my willingness to draw as well, and since I knew I wasn't going to produce the same quality I had before, I didn't even bother to keep trying. THIS was my biggest obstacle: ME.

Whenever I thought about going back to drawing my mind would always stop me: "don't bother, it's gonna be ugly". Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, there it is; this is why I wanted to write this dear reader, I want you to know, just like I did recently: Ugly Is Not Good, Ugly Is Better. 

You have to stop being afraid of ugly, because guess what? it's very likely that it is if you've just started, and that is the best thing for you right now. Ugly means there's room for improvement: you can only go up from there; it means that you're trying and putting a real effort, not just to produce something, but to fight notions that haunt anyone who has ever started something. Embrace the ugliness of your current work and work towards beautiful.

I recently joined a livestream at Seanwes website and on it one person (I think it was Cory) wrote:

"If you're embarrassed by your old work, that's actually a great sign."

So don't be afraid of sharing ugly work, your skills will soon match your taste level, but for that to happen you have to work, work, work.