That 1%

OU are essential, your passion must be shared, trust me.

I has been a while since I've thought about this subject, but a recent chat with a great friend of mine reminded me. We, people but specifically artists, often forget that our art and point of view is unique, and needs to be shared to the world.

My friend and I met on a Friday afternoon for coffee, it was my birthday earlier that week and we met to celebrate and to catch up. As we got into talking and gossiping, she told me she wasn't very pleased at her current job and that she kept wishing to pursue her passion (photography), naturally I told her to go ahead and take pictures, create her own Instagram account and find her voice and style; at that moment she said: "I don't want to, nobody is gonna like my stuff, there's already a TON of amazing photographers out there". At that moment I remembered. What I said to her after that is what I'm telling right now:

'There aren't enough artists in the world.'

Sure, you see on your social media countless and endless amounts of pictures, illustrations and the sorts, but you're not looking past that. You live in a bubble, as do every single one of us, but that bubble is merely a fraction of an ever expanding universe.

Let's put it simply:


The rise of the Internet and social networks have originated a new path for content consumption, now everyone everywhere can be reached, and everyone is now sharing everything, and that's amazing! But, yeah there's always a but, only a contable few are creating content worth sharing, valuable assets that people can actually benefit from. However, those gold star content creators didn't just pop out of nowhere, they started like me and you, the difference between them and the rest of the people who only consume is that they follow through, they pushed through the frustration, unacknowledged for months or years, until finally they got their spot.

You are not nothing. You're not just one more. You are essential, and your passion needs to be shared, there are only a fistful of people out there doing it, and we need more, we will always need more. You're not just a consumer of content, you're one of the chosen ones who creates and therefore it is your duty, and mine, that those creations can reach to as many people as possible.

So I command you to keep creating, and more importantly, to keep sharing and posting your work, because we all need it.