Making art is not a competition.

I share because I care.

I was the first born in my family, and the first grandchild on my father's side, so I was, without surprise, a very selfish kid growing up. My brother was born a few weeks after I turned 5 and that's when began the selfish Era. Funnily though, I wasn't selfish per se, I would share my toys and I would let him play with whatever he wanted, but always with conditions; and the kicker was this: it wasn't that I wouldn't share my things, it was that I didn't want to.

This kind of thinking and/or behavior was sore of expected and sometimes even enabled, because unfortunately it is how most of the society acts, we want everything for ourselves. This is good, ONLY when it's directed as ambition, and as long as you're not appropriating from someone else. But this way of thinking haunted me all the way to my professional career, and it is a constant fight.

Whenever someone would get a design job, whenever one of my classmates would say they got a new computer, whenever a company I worked at would promote a coworker, my mind would always go to the dark place: "they shouldn't get that, I should". I have to always retreat and talk myself down from that edge.

And then it happened, I had that epiphany, I saw the tittle of this post on a Facebook post a friend of mine shared, it clicked something in my head, and that was all she wrote. Sometimes it's not the long speeches or big books that change your thinking, but just a couple of words expressed wisely.

Making art is not a competition, there's room for everybody and everyone else who wants to be an artist too. I don't have to have all the jobs, all the gigs, I mean I couldn't even if I wanted to, there's only so much work that one person can humanly do; so why not share it? There's talent everywhere, lots of other people or friends have lots of talents, and it feels wonderful when you get to let other people know of those talents, not just your own. Embrace those who surround you, and be willing to offer them a hand or a job, life will repay you, trust me.