You're charging too little.


I lose a lot of "leads", about five per week, most of them because I don't have a flat or set rate for my services, and I'm okay with that. Making money isn't the same as creating value, this is why I don't do business with those leads, they're not looking for value, what they want is the cheapest price and I'm not in the business of making a quick buck. Every transaction I make and every product I sell has two values: mine and my client's; negotiation is coming up with a number that feels each of us is receiving more than what we're giving.

I price based on my value; doing this means I've taken several factors into account, such as reach, time frame, client's budget, usage, longevity, etc. when coming up with the cost of a project. The key to pricing is discovering how important this project is to the client, which is why I do a survey beforehand. A survey helps me see how much of an effort a new client is putting into this project, I can clearly see if they want me for the quality of my work or just for my skills.


You can't price the same on every project, you're not making the same product on all of the transactions. Your perfect client will invest time on you, not just money, they most likely won't negotiate, they're willing to pay your price because your value is worth more than the price; when you find a client that does this, invest on them, take some time to really give them not just what they want but your very best... You'll thank yourself when you share it on your portfolio or social media; you'll feel so proud because it is indeed, very valuable.