Be More Creative, Stand Out.


Sometimes things don’t work out the way you wanted or expected, and that’s okay.


I recently went out for drinks with some friends, and as per usual, after a couple of shots and lots of laughs, we got into very philosophical topics and ended up discussing expectations and ambition, and how much of a rollercoaster they tend to be. When I got into lettering I used Instagram as an accountability partner, forcing me to show up every day and share. Instagram is an amazing resource and it’s filled with incredible artists and creators from all around the world, and it can be a big source of inspiration, but it can also lead to a lot of competition, whether consciously or not. I inevitably became very aware of the attention I was getting, and became addicted to that sweet release of dopamine,  that instant, easily achievable high from every like, comment and follow.

The more I got into it, the more important the numbers became, which led me to look at everyone else as competition; and this can and should be a good thing, as long as you take it as a drive to improve yourself. Unfortunately I (more often than not) succumb to the dark side, I begin resenting fellow artists for getting the attention, or for getting to where I expected to be way faster than me. It's a constant inner fight of putting things in perspective, a rather difficult thing to do.


And then it gets trickier. 


Self-doubt kicks in; I begin to render all my efforts worthless and I start to believe that my work is not good enough, or worse, that I'm not creative enough, and ironically, my mind goes to the number one creativity-killer: copying.


I can't stress this enough, do not copy somebody else's work, or even worse, take what they've done and pass it as your own.


I'm a fan of originality and I never copy other artists; but as it goes in life, and now more usually on the Internet, trends are the bread and butter, and I see them all the time, they're quite appealing, especially when you want to get notoriety. Trends are amazing sources of inspiration and great examples of how versatile art can be, but can also be detrimental to your own self discovery. 


Don't get caught up in the trends, always strive for originality and creativity, trends do give you instant attention and complements, but trust me, that kind of attention is vapid, and goes away just as fast as it came. Focus on yourself, focus on your own path and search for uniqueness, find your own voice and fuel your work with it. Fame and notoriety will follow, maybe not right away, maybe not in one year, or two, or five, but they will follow, and when they do, they'll stay with you, because you'll stand out for all the right reasons. Also, take advantage of the trends, but do it smartly, put your own perspective on them and you will continue to grow as an artist.


In summary:

  • Being creative sometimes goes unnoticed.
  • Break the boundaries and strive for originality.
  • It will be challenging, sometimes you might want to join the mainstream and follow along. Don’t. Your originality will come through, you need to be patient.
  • If you go along what everyone is doing you will get lost in the crowd.
  • Notoriety will reach you, but unless you’re original and stay true to yourself, it will not last.


Don't get discouraged and keep creating, HARD WORK PAYS OFF.