Aly Saaib


Alicia is a long time friend of mine, we've probably seen each other two times in a decade and yet we have a connection that is almost tangible; she has always been an entrepreneur and has tried many different hustles, but it wasn't until her current one that we both connected to her purporse, and she decided, very fittingly, to name it after herself. Aly Saaib is a nutritional and mind training coaching service that helps people not only adopt healthier habits to lose weight, but also advocates for a change in mindset to start loving their true selves and really trascend the new habits into a sustainable lifestyle.

I got to work right away and throughout the whole process I followed my typical process, but what I changed and adopted from that moment on was to involve her and any client in all the steps; I would usually work sketches and then refine them before showing them to a client, but with her and because of the relationship we have I shared from the get go, all my ideas and my conections, starting from the moodboard all the way to the vectoring process. In the end we both came up with a piece that not only looks beautiful but that truly represents not just my skills, but the real purpose of the logo: her.